You will manage your projects efficiently

Time to change

The planning and scheduling technology we've been developing and promoting for the last 10 years helps our customers build the companies of the future. These companies will put resources, both human and natural, at the center of all their decision-making processes.

By adapting their processes to this new paradigm, and by implementing our solutions, they show that they can adapt to the new challenges our economy has been facing for the last two years, and will certainly be facing for the rest of the decade.

At ISC, we have the means to help you achieve this transition smoothly and consistently.

project planning software

Discover new project planning software and start experiencing a new way of defining projects, resources, scope, goals and constraints.

Import your projects and resources from Microsoft Project and Omni-plan files and work in a multi-project environment which helps you optimize the use of your resources and deliver reliable plans.

Adapted to a large variety of environments and to the most advanced vision of a collaborative enterprise, PlanningForce products (Collaborative, Program Manager and Portfolio Planner) offer standard solutions to specific planning and scheduling problems.

As a result, our customers deliver visible results faster than ever and at an affordable price.

Large companies and integrators can benefit from our technology to develop their own planning and scheduling solutions in just a few months.

Based on Web Services technology, PlanningForge offers tools and predefined modules to build tailor-made solutions and integrate them into existing ERP platforms.